Hello world!

My name is Lisa. I have had a few unsuccessful blogs in the past. I have not put forth the effort due to personal issues I was going through the past couple of years. I have so much I would love to share with the world. I have decided that it time for me to freshen up my writing skills and start sharing again.

A little about me.

I am just about to be 44 years old. I have three children. My oldest is 21, my only son is 15 and my youngest is 11.

I am recently widowed if you call almost a year recent.

I had a hard to time adjusting when my husband became ill and I had to become his full time caregiver. We were kind of young but Brain Cancer likes middle aged men. Especially the kind he had.

My youngest daughter is special needs. She has a condition called VATER Syndrome. It’s really just and acronym stating your kid has a bunch of birth defects and we don’t have an exact name for it. She has had so many surgeries and has overcome some of her health issues so far. Other issues will be life long and others will change over time. She has been on dialysis for just over 7 years and wow, as a family we have all learned so much medically, and so much emotionally. When life gives you difficult circumstances you either fall apart or get stronger. As a family we got stronger.

When Dad got sick some of that family sticking together stuff faded a bit. My oldest was so close with him. See he was my husband and a stepdad to my oldest two. He got them when they were 8 and 3 and he was their Dad. Their Bio Dad exists and we speak with some of his family, but he is not active in their lives. This was his choices not mine or theirs. Now they hold some resentment towards him but I always teach them that hey, If bio Dad was still around the Dad would not have gotten such and big part of their lives and they blended like a family almost immediately. We were together almost 13 years when he passed.

Life has brought me lots of ups and downs. It has shown me love, loss, support, lack of support and all kinds of other interesting things. I do have my days where I am a bit on the down side and I do try to fight that as much as possible. With life being what it is I just try to stay positive and I was blessed with a sense of humor. I do my best to laugh off tough situations and I try to share humorous stories with others. Sometimes it makes you feel better knowing you are not alone in the crazy world we live in.

I do my best to stay away from topics like Politics, Religion and other sensitive subjects, but from time to time I will express my emotions.

I don’t have a great relationship with my late husbands family. They were very nice to me over the years and once he got sick they all started turning on us, While he was alive to semi see it and after he was gone. My children have suffered a bit through all this but like I said earlier we try to laugh it off and move on.

I am fortunate that my Dad is still with us. He is almost 80 and Mom has been gone 15 years now. I have two sisters, One  who gave me a nephew and now a grand niece. Both sisters live in the same city as me and we visit alot. I spend as much time with my Dad as I can.

Employment has been an issue for a while now. I was never unemployed from 13 years old until the end of 2009 when I got laid off from a job I held for 14 years. I was kind of broken when I lost my job. It took me a while to get serious about work. I never was home. My first time ever actually being home with my kids instead of always working and I guess I kind of liked it. By the time I got back to work the only thing available was part time, retail. I was able to do this for three years and this past January I had to quit. I have issues with my Knees and I could not longer make it though even short shifts standing all day. I had surgery on one knee last year, and one last week. Eventually I will need knee replacement and I am not really looking forward to that.

I love to share funny stories, cool memories, recipes, different medical issues we have learned about, stories about my kids and pets, tv shows and series I watch and other events I find cool. I hope I get to enjoy reading other peoples stories as I hope other people enjoy mine.


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