Sunday mornings random thoughts…

When I wake up feeling pretty good, I like to take advantage. I get up start my coffee, clean up the mess my son leaves overnight in the kitchen. If the weather and my knees permit, I like to go for a morning walk. I don’t like to walk in the heat or pouring rain. This morning was perfect. I got up and said wow it’s sunny and cold a perfect morning for a walk.

I grew up in New York. Long Island until I was 12 and then Queens. I was by nature a city girl. I love the excitement of it all and I most especially loved the people watching. My friends and I would go into “The City”(Manhattan) , go to Washington Square Park and people watch. I am sure we did more stuff but that is what my memories like to serve me.

With that being said I am the kind of person who say’s Good Morning, or Hi. I usually smile and go on about my business. I do not expect people that are random strangers to stop their lives to politely give me small talk. I do, however expect a simple return smile or a quick Hi.

Is that a lost way? Do people not say Hi to random strangers? Do they not start their day’s off looking for a way to have a good one? I am so confused. I walk past so many people on an everyday basis and I smile and say Hi to most of them. The ones I do not smile and say Hi to are the ones who never smile back. I have neighbors that walk down the stairs with me most mornings and won’t utter a Good Morning back. Now I choose to walk behind them so I don’t have to let them see the disappointment on my face. Why I allow this to disappoint me I have no clue. I just am friendly and kind and prefer to be around like minded people.

I have been told over and over what Rude people New Yorkers are. I am usually appalled by it. Perhaps it is just my own personal experiences. I really don’t know but I have been in Florida for 24 years now. I have yet to live in a neighborhood with friendly people. I have had friendly neighbors after I forced my friendliness on them. I am not aggressive by any means but I am persistent.

I really thought when I moved into my current apartment complex that I would meet some nice people. I thought there people here are basically in the same financial boat as me. Likely there are a lot of single parents as this is an income restricted complex. Boy was I wrong the people here are mostly rude. I just walked past two neighbors in the hallway that were so busy not saying Hi back that they damn near fell down the steps. I walked past a young girl, perhaps 14 or 15 I smiled and said Good Morning, Nice morning for a walk and she rolled her eyes at me.

I sure hope my experiences are limited and that there are still polite, friendly people walking this earth. Either way, I always see it this way. When I go to bed at night , I have no concern that I have brought anyone else any harm for that day. I feel like I did my best to be a good person and be nice and polite to people. So I don’t lose sleep over it, but it does sadden me to know that something a easy as a smile is something people even young people just don’t do. Perhaps they do it only in closed enviornments? Maybe their families have thought them that everyone is a stranger and horrible people so never smile , never be nice to random people? I don’t know but surely one thing I know I will keep being me. I will keep doing the same things I do and hopefully maybe just maybe it will rub off on others.

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