I am addicted to NetFlix

About a year ago I decided that I am giving up Cable Television. I decided that it is too expensive and that I spend more time looking for something to watch than watching anything. I did not want to give it up for two reasons, sports and local news. Well I have clearly moved past all that. I now look online for results of things. I do miss the sports sometimes, but I enjoy Hockey Radio. It is exciting, it reminds me of being a kid. We would not want to miss our beloved New York Rangers, but living on the Island we not getting to watch many games on TV.

I have many shows that I can easily watch on Netflix. I can binge when I want and I truly am addicted to that. Right now I am totally caught up on several shows and I feel like eww, I have nothing to watch. I can binge watch  some shows all day but others I need a break and have to start something else. My kids and I agree on some and not on all. Mostly my youngest daughter will follow my lead and watch whatever I choose. My son is not that way at all. He has turned into his Dad. When my husband was alive he controlled the tv. He even controlled what the kids watched in the other room, unless I was home and then those rules did not apply. He would always say, Lisa go in the room and tell the kids watch whatever you want. Dad is a jerk and he just wants you to watch certain shows,  but I am home now watch whatever. He was an at home Dad for quite a few years and he would have to be the jerk sometimes. He liked Good Cop Bad Cop, Always one of us had to be nice if the other was mad about something. I miss him. I am now trying to play good cop bad cop alone and the kids just roll their eyes and wish they would come take me away in the White Coats, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time…..

There I go, off topic as always. So My son surprised me with some of the shows he wanted me to watch, to catch up on so we could chat about it. He turned us on to Supernatural which has become a favorite show to leave on in the back ground when I am cooking and working or doing other stuff. People who don’t watch it perceive it to be Dark, Negative or to religious. It is truly not any of the above. It is like a story of brothers who will change the entire world and beyond,will literally go to other realms if you will, to help each other and they fight stuff and are hot, so it is fun. He also got us into, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Private Practice, Sherlock and some others. I got him into Breaking Bad and Weeds, I know some Parents would not approve. My son is 16. He has literally seen just about everything on Netflix and Hulu and he has never once became any of those characters. He also plays video games but does not go outside and shoot up the neighbors. We have always been an open family about things and my kids have grown up in bad neighborhoods their whole lives. Me sheltering them from the real world would bring them more harm than good in these environments. Yes, in a good wholesome neighborhood I may have tried to shelter them until they were older but to me that was not in the cards.  Anyway back to Netflix my Son has great taste. So far I have not hated any of the shows, as a matter of fact I have loved most of them. I mentioned Supernatural but Grey’s Anatomy has become part of my family in a way. First thing at 6 this morning my son comes in my room. Mom I can’t believe Jackson did not marry that Tatianna girl. I knew exactly what he was talking about and sure enough my daughter chimed in with an I know , really. I adore my kids and strangely I think our NetFlix addiction has brought us closer.

I have watched my son, go from wanting to be a Diagnostic Doctor, To a soldier, to a Criminal to FBI and on to a Politician. I think that my little daughter has had her eyes opened to so many fun stories, We watched Once Upon a Time the entire series to it’s current now in like 9 days. We were totally hooked… Get it hooked(The character Hook) Yes I have a very corny sense of humor. I know some wish I would just stop, but yet I never do.

Hope I am not the only one totally addicted to Netflix but I believe it beats the alternatives, I was considering.

One thought on “I am addicted to NetFlix

  1. Season 3 episode 8, Pretty Little Liars. Love Netflix. Imagine I started out getting movies delivered to the house. Can’t remember the last movie I watched. TV shows are too much fun. Nice article. I enjoyed reading it.

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