Do you catch the Giggles? Or is it Just me?

I don’t know if I am the only one who catches a case of the giggles at the oddest times. Dare you take me to a movie. It can be the most serious, or a love scene and something random will come to mind, such as: Forest Gump yelling Jenny – not exactly sure why this is so funny to me, but when it is a very serious time I will just see him running with sweat dripping down screaming Jenny and it makes me laugh. Another sure to crack me up is Armpits! Have you ever seen the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? Well there is a scene that is supposed to be like a love scene all serious, and Penelope Cruz just lifts her arm and there it was a big bush of armpit hair. I was just not expecting it and well – Giggles, my sisters each elbowed me from the side to not giggle only to realize it was funny and they giggled to. Now all I have to do is look at my sister and point to my armpit and she will giggle. I use this to my advantage when she is trying to be serious.

It seems I have passed this on to my children. I laugh now while I write this all over again. See yesterday was a pretty crappy day. My daughter who recently had a Kidney Transplant about 90 days ago had a fever. She had been complaining of stomach pain and even though the doctors just checked her out two days before she needed to be seen again. They wanted me to bring her to the Emergency room as if something is going on they can treat right away. Our Doc called down so we did not have to be in the waiting room(she has a very weakened immune system right now) So as you know the way the Emergency Rooms work, you have to get through the registration process and through the Triage Nurses before you get anywhere. Although we did not wait more than 10 minutes we were caught by the giggles. There we were in the least crowded area and a couple or so it would seem comes and sits down, kind of in the middle of the room from where we were in the corner. Of course straight in our visual path and they were dressed very nice and strangely they sat with spaces in between. Neither were large people so it struck me odd. Me and my daughter just look at one another and realize we both noticed the same thing. We sat there quietly while the show unfolded. They were fussing about what ever brought their child into the ER. She was commenting about I can’t believe my kid did that and He responded with Our kid and well(inserting small eye roll) just in the middle her cell phone started ringing some banjo sounding ring tone and there it was Gigglepalooza. We tried not to laugh and just when we composed ourselves hoping they were busy enough in their own foolishness for us to be caught clearly giggling at them, the phone rang again. We did our best to contain ourselves and we were very thankfully saved by the nurse who came to bring us to the back.

For the rest of the afternoon, which was not to much fun, they consisted of IV fluids and 2 IV antibiotics and 2 IV doses of Benadryl, I had a sleepy and on and off cranky kid who thankfully is a really happy kid. When she started getting mad I just acted like I was playing an air banjo and she started to giggle again. She is still sleeping now as she is not at her best and all that benadryl really had her wiped out, but when she wakes up it surely will be to me pretending like I have my air banjo.

This is surely not the only time when cases of the giggles have gotten the best of me. I can remember being a teenager and my friends Mom saying are you ever not happy or laughing at something. Wish life was simpler and I could really still be that way. If you know anything about me you would know that I had to be that way to be able to put up with what was coming ahead. I am glad it is a positive coping mechanism, surely better than the alternatives…..



3 thoughts on “Do you catch the Giggles? Or is it Just me?

  1. Wow that’s one heck of a story. Love your attitude. Your daughter sounds amazing and clearly her giggling mummy needs the biggest back pat for raising her so brave. Laughing when things are down demonstrates a greater strength than some know how. I’m sure you’ll overcome this chapter but sending lots of warm wishes for the days ahead, your daughters health and your strength and giggle stamina! Plus – yes I also catch the giggles when I probably shouldn’t!


    • yes you and I were the only ones laughing and I think she will like that one, she is still making banjo sounds and cracking her self up. She really is as nutty as me 🙂


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