So I get a knock on my door….

I am not sure about you but for me I find this kind of distraction annoying. I work from home. This allows me to have great opportunity to care for my family and actually not hate work. I can roll out of bed, log on start my morning get things in order and then wake up my kids. I can pretty much run my household while still being productive at work. This is a blessing that took me many many years to find. Although it is only part time and I do struggle financially , I don’t mind. I have the exact balance I need right now today. My youngest daughter has many health issues and being able to care for her needs is worth not  having the extra’s.

This morning I have been up for several hours. Working corresponding with people and simply doing my job. I went out to the living to see what my daughter is  up to and freshen my coffee. I hear a knock on my door. I was somewhat startled, but I thought maybe it was finally maintenance that I called the other day. No, it was not the maintenance, it was not friends or family. It was two ladies that I have never seen before. Right away I was regretting opening my door. The way I see it is religion is a personal thing. If you are very religious or not religious at all, you may believe, you may have faith and you may not believe at all. Either way this is you business, your choice and well, your life. As soon as I said Hi, they said Oh Good Morning,  We are hear to invite you to Jesus’s birthday party. My eyes were rolling into the back of my head and I had to politely hold them still while holding a straight face and continuing to be polite. This was not easy as I am that person who messes with telemarketers and tells jokes to random people so I hold back my sarcasticness and politely take her paper and tell them to have a nice day and shut the door.

I was doing my best not to be rude, I was doing my best to hold a straight face and not be a clown and truly I was standing there half dressed and annoyed they were distracting me from my morning.

I really don’t understand how someone can knock on my door, assume that I believe in Jesus, assume that I am interested in religion at all and then assume I would go to a party for a guy who is not going to be there. Do I bring presents? Is it a kid party? Do I need to dress up. Like give me a break. It is your way of trying to force people to come to your Kingdom Hall or Church or whatever it was, that I did not bother to find out about. I wonder how well it would go if I took my kids dressed them up like my daughter was for Halloween(she was Abaddon from the TV  SuperNatural- All red hair and bloody head cut off ) (her character was trying to be the Queen of Hell she was trying to take over and she was well pretty badass)and went around telling them I am pretty sure Lucifer is out of the cage and he wants to kill the darkness. Or I could tell them Lucifer is driving around Los Angeles I saw it on a commercial.Or worse yet I can tell them the truth, I was raised Jewish I still follow a lot of the tradition but I am not entirely sold on the whole faith thing. I am thinking someone would call the cops on me. I give it about 6 door knocks and I will be explaining to my family why one of them needs to bond me out and get my kids back from protective custody. Yet these people can knock and force their religion down my throat and that is just fine and dandy because more people are into those religions.

I  live in a crappy neighborhood, in a low income apartment complex. I don’t believe anywhere states that means I should be solicited for religion. I think it is annoying and no wonder people with money choose gated communities so no one can knock on their door unexpectedly.

On the other hand, my curiosity has me wondering  what kind of cake do they serve at Jesus’ party?  Is is a little cake like I make for my family? Is is a big fancy cake with many tiers? I am confused by this whole party thing and I am pretty sure if curiosity got the best of me and I went to such an event I would find myself at some festival where I would be expected to buy little trinkets or something like that. I am just guessing though. I really hope the next door knock is either maintenance or someone accidentally ordering us pizza.

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