Oh No, We are on the final season….

My youngest daughter and I spend a lot of time watching tv together. We choose different series, some based on suggestions from other family members and some just because we decide we like them. My son is a teenager, that equates to whatever we choose he says eww and won’t watch. He misses out on the girly stuff but we do find plenty to watch together. Having a child with special needs, sometimes we have to just stay home. We can go out and do things just like anyone else but we must take more precaution. We also have to go based on weather, and how she is actually feeling by the day. Long term weeks ahead plans are hard to make and when we do sometimes we have to disappoint. I believe the people who know us get it. If they don’t they should.

So now we have been faithfully watching the Gilmore Girls. When we realized that the theme song was an irritant to my son we said, fun fun fun we will love and sing this song. We thought at some point he would find it catchy and maybe come watch an episode or two. We were wrong. We are now on the final season and he has not watched one. Oh well as they say , actually his loss as I think he would quickly develop a crush on Rory as she is very smart and pretty. He is a really smart kid so that would probably be a crush factor.

Now that we are on the final season I will have to say I have really loved this show. I see a bit of myself in Loralei and I adore the relationship she has with her daughter. I loved seeing how her tarnished relationship with her parents changed over time and got better. I could never live in a small town like that, but I would so love to visit every now and again. The people who live there are always involved in something. Being a huge Supernatural fan, I was always hoping Dean would be back and sweep Rory off her feet. Truth is I think now that I am approaching the end. I don’t hate Logan and I really liked Jess. At first I hated Jess because I wanted her with Dean. Funny how we love an actor from another character and then we just – well want what we want.

I wanted Loralei and Luke to work out but somehow I figured she would wind up with Christopher. Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow we will get to the end. I am sure I will cry , because I hate endings but I suspect it will be good as everyone seems to love that show. I am looking forward to Netflix bringing it back for a miniseries, or whatever they are calling it.

I am so glad I have found some good shows to enjoy. I spent so much on cable over the years and never really watched anything but my soaps and sports. Now I only have Netflix and Hulu and I find so many programs I have to decide what I will watch in what order so that I don’t dedicate my entire life to tv watching. I do need to find some time to work, and take care of my house and kids. Ahh the life of a work from home, homeschooling recently widowed person. I think it is all working itself out just the way it is supposed to.

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