General Hospital

I have been watching General Hospital since I was a small child. Perhaps my entire life through, my mother and sisters. Over the years us girls watched Days of our Lives and General Hospital. I am the only one who still watches. I tried forcing it on my kids over the kids. My oldest watched until a few years ago. My son stopped the second he realized what I was forcing him to watch. My youngest watches with me faithfully. I know I can only count on that for so long so I will continue to cherish it.

For the past few years the story lines have been very predictable, repetitive and at times downright annoying. Somehow, my morbid curiosity forces me to watch each day and at times look forward to it.

The past few weeks, the show is on fire! It is finally interesting, finally semi-unpredictable and truly entertaining. I am glad I spent 40 years paying attention as now they have brought back old storylines and infused into current storylines and they actually halfway make sense, and they have been able to pull old footage and ad into make the stories more believable.

I am impressed and a little sad that it is Friday and only one more episode for the week.

The good thing is there is plenty of tv to keep me watching. Gotta love NetFlix.

5 thoughts on “General Hospital

  1. I haven’t watched GH in a long time but I watched that and One Life to Live religiously with my mom for many years. I’m glad to hear that GH has cycled around and has peaked your interest again.

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    • Nora Buchanan was on the GH the other day, I am pretty sure she was OLTL character? they brought over the one who played Todd Manning, McBain and one I don’t know her name on the show but her real name is Rebecca Budding or something like that, I believe they all came from OLTL ? but then there was some rule or something and they could not keep the characters so they kept the actors and changed them, it’s kind of dumb but I have gotten used to it.

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  2. Well, I started with Days of Our Lives with mom. Then came The Doctors, Edge of Night, Secret Storm, Another World and who can forget Dark Shadows? Then came the night time soaps, Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. I have kept up over the years with Soap Opera Digest, but since the demise of Soap Opera Channel, I haven’t seen soaps in for ever. Miss them a lot.


    • I loved Knots Landing, did really remember the others much although I do know I watched them , I remember Edge of Night, Jodie and Preacher and I of course remember Days. Mommy liked the Doctors and Secret Storm if I remember correctly? Soap channel was awesome.


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