Crockpot Steak

I have made a ton of things in my Crockpot over the years. I have never really tried making steak in it though. As I have stated in an earlier post I am in the middle of moving and I am trying to use up all my groceries prior to my move to make life a little easier. Also with moving cooking in my crockpot allows me to take care of other things while still making a decent dinner.

The ingredients I used were simple, easy and tasty!

Sirloin Steak

Black Pepper



Garlic Powder

1 can of Rotel Tomatoes with Chile Peppers(medium heat)

I turned the crockpot on at noon, I went to work came home at 6 and was the tenderest steak I ever made.

My kids are not big fans of Rice A Roni, but I like it and well I need to finish up the groceries so I make the Beef Flavor to go with the Steak, It was truly delicious and I would surely make again.

I am sure that you could use whatever cut of steak you like but I used what I had, I had originally bought it to make fajitas. But I guess I never got around to that.

Sometimes I forget that I actually enjoy cooking, Now I need to start taking good pictures of these recipes.

When my husband was alive , he used to call  me Master Mix as no matter how little food we had I always found a way to throw it together and come up with a meal. That was a very long time ago and have gotten into the routine of  the What do you want for dinner game? which I actually don’t like at all. I ask my Daughter, I ask my son they will usually disagree on whatever the other on says and I will get mad and make a pot of pasta, he loves meat sauce, she hates the consistency and only wants pasta with meatballs. Kids they are always going to keep it interesting.

Happy Crockpotting!

Spicy Crockpot Chicken

I wish I would have taken a picture of this as it came out unexpectedly delicious. I am in the process of moving so I don’t want to do any grocery shopping as that would just make more work. That being said, time to use what I actually had in the house.

Here are the ingredients I used:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Sliced Green, Red and Orange Bell Peppers

Chopped Onion

Chile Powder

3 Peppercino’s

1/2 cup of the Juice from the Peppercino’s

Garlic Powder

Black Pepper

I had no idea how long I was going to be out for but I put it on High for about 5 hours, When I came back home my house smelled so good.

I make a pot of Yellow Rice to go along with it and it was really good.

I have never cooked with Hot Peppers, I usually just eat them in Salads, when I realized there was not much to work with I figured how bad can it be. My son who prefers Red Meat over Chicken even said Mom talk was great make it again soon.

He is a chronic complainer when it comes to food and I was quite surprised by his reaction so I thought I would share as Crockpot Cooking is my favorite way to go. It is so easy to just throw everything in and keep going.

Since it came out so good the next night I worked with Steak so I will share that next!

Happy Crockpotting 🙂

BBQ Brisket

I found this picture among my own, although I don’t shred my brisket on a board, so I am guessing this must be from somewhere online I saved for one reason or another. Anyway credit to google I guess.

Yesterday I was heading to Publix , our favorite grocery store. I told my daughter what you you like for dinner tonight. We were thinking Steak Fried Rice. So we went straight for the steaks only to see we were not impressed with any we saw for that meal, however there was this brisket just sitting there, moved from its corrected spot, looking like a lost item that will probably not get purchased. I moved it back to the right area to save that fate only to see there were some very nice pieces that were half the price they were last time I purchased.

Dinner plans changed, BBQ Brisket, which I make in the crockpot so really it should just be pulled brisket with bbq or crockpot brisket, Whatever you want to call it , was delicious.

I started off by browning the meat with a little pepper and garlic, and some onion powder. I then added chopped, red, green, orange bell peppers and chopped onion. Then I added a can of Rotel tomatoes with Chile Peppers. Once the meat was browned to my liking I added it to the crockpot. I put the veggies I added a little bbq sauce and turned it on high. About 4 hours in I turned the meat and added more bbq sauce. Then I let it continue to cook until my son was about to cry I was starving him to death. See he is 17 and quite capable of making his own food but when I make certain meals, he reverts back to that little boy who liked being spoiled a bit. My daughter was patiently waiting but she uses her head. If it is a crockpot meal she knows she is going to smell all day and wait forever to eat. I tell them it is anticipation and they should learn to embrace it, they tell me it is torture…

When the meat is ready I take it out of the crockpot, shred it, remove any fat that I may have missed and add it back to the sauce and if needs anymore flavoring, I attend at that time then I let it simmer it the sauce while I make a quick pot of rice, or yellow rice or in last night’s case it was mac and cheese. I will admit it has been about a year since I have made boxed mac and cheese and I bet it may be 10 years before I buy it again. Totally lost my taste for it, would rather have plain egg noodles or rice with that meal anyway.

Learning to cut back on sodium is something I have been working on for years, as my daughter was on dialysis for 8 years, but I never really cut it out I just cut back and for as little as she eats it always worked but now that she is older and eating more I am truly learning to cut it out where I can, buy lower sodium versions of certain items and use fresh ingredients for flavors as much as possible. You would be amazed the flavor that comes from a chile pepper.

Berry Smoothies

Lately I have been on smoothie kick. My kids and I are trying to change our eating habits. We have gone from much fried food and sweet snacks, baked goods and little debbies, and of course don’t forget the salty chips and stuff, to mostly baked, grilled or in the crock pot meals.

We have reduced sweets to holidays and special occasions, birthdays and such. Just last night I baked a Chocolate cake for my niece for her 8th birthday. Her Dad did not relay to her Mom that I was baking the cake and well then there were too. Not my plan but well hopefully it goes away today as I am having some company this afternoon. An old friend is coming by for a visit. Surely I will be able to pawn at least one piece of cake off on him.

For a while we were using my sisters single cup blender. She loaned it to me as I told her we need to try to find more healthy choices and smoothies are awesome. Well just a few weeks ago I caught an awesome sale. I got a $24.99 blender on sale to 19.95 and then a final reduce to 16.95 plus my 20% off for having the Target Cartwheel app. That was awesome and truthfully I went to the store just for that reason. I had no clue it reduced again down to 16.95 but I was super happy with my choice.

I bought a big bag of frozen mixed berries. I choose the organic, not sure if there was a reason I did that or not, I think it was just the same price same amount so why not. I bought a large container of lowfat vanilla yogurt. I buy Dannon as I like that one the best. Now I take the correct amount of berries out for the three of us, and a few spoons of the yogurt and blend away. Sometimes I add a little juice or more ice if I think the kids will want bigger drinks. But as long as I buy the ones with the berries so far they never go to waste. I really wanted to get the strawberry banana mix but they only had ones with papaya and I know my son does not like papaya so I skipped it. When I go shopping again I hope to be able to buy fresh fruit instead of the frozen and then just add ice. I hope it would come out the same or better? Time will tell

My daughter tells me I should be adding protein and seeds and things I tell her I get enough of that through my diet, but she swears if I do that I won’t want to eat anything else? Not sure about that either.

Today’s plan- Yellow Rice and Empanadas

For the past two years my children and I don’t enjoy home made cooking like we used to. When my husband was still alive we thrived on sitting together as a family for dinner and other meals when possible. We did our best to cook regularly and for the most part the kids loved when he cooked. He made the best Chicken Wings ever and mostly everything he cooked came out very good.

When he got sick, some how or another he started only wanting Sandwiches and fast food. I did learn through reading a lot about brain cancer that is very typical. I figure it has a lot to do with loss of ability. It is hard to hold a fork and knife. It is embarrassing having to admit you can no longer do these things so you tend to over compensate. I don’t have a taste for any of my favorite foods I just want a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Bagel several times a day. We ate a lot of junk as we were constantly in the hospital and times were difficult.

During that time I injured my knee. It got bad enough to need surgery. This put in even bigger damper into the cooking thing. Now he is gone just about a year and I just had surgery on my other knee two weeks ago. It has been a long hard battle for me and my kids and we work through it the best we can. Since going out is pretty hard when you are broke and can barely walk, we spend a lot of time home and sadly it is very hard to get back on track when you are in those situations, plus my kids diet’s are a pain in the butt. My oldest daughter does not eat any red meat or pork and she is very very selective about the poultry she eats. She is not too fond of veggies and she is difficult. The good thing is she is about to be 22 and for the most part she tends to her own meals (at least when her boyfriend is around) My son is almost 16 and he does not eat any meat or poultry or fish. Only fruits, veggies, carbs and snacks he is not vegan but that is because he is learning what fruits and veggies he really likes and what of the soy and tofu kind of things he likes. My youngest daughter is 11 and she is a dialysis patient. She has a strict renal diet and fluid restriction. I just want to lose this extra weight and be healthy so I will be around for a while if I can help it anyway.

So with all that being said Cooking is fun, but its stressful. What does everyone want that everyone will eat and that will not drive me crazy and make me stand for long periods of time. Well- that is usually the hard part.

Two out of three love Yellow Rice- 1 loves chicken empanadas, 1 loves beef empanadas and one loves them stuffed with onions and peppers and olives and cheese and little yellow rice. This is can be done all in one meal. It is time consuming but I can sit and stand while preparing and cooking as I have to make the two different meats and rice but then I can sit and cut everything up and put them together then I just have to heat the oil and fry.

I was blessed enough to have been taught to cook a little Spanish food from an old friend. Her first husband was Cuban and her second was Puerto Rican. She learned from the different mother in laws and she of course added and changed to make it her way which was delicious and I have also learned to change to make it perfect for our taste.  It did not hurt that my husband was Puerto Rican and Italian so he taught me a lot also. He could not and would not learn to cook rice though.

I will share a quick version of the recipe but should you have any questions and need more information about something please feel free to ask. My daughter said this should be a secret recipe like Dad’s sauce but I don’t agree. I feel if you have something that is great you should share it and let other people enjoy also. But hey to each their own right!

Yellow Rice

Rinse rice-  In rice pot add the following seasonings

2 tbsp Sofrito – I like the Goya Brand frozen(I also keep it defrosted in the fridge) with dry seasonings I use a about 1/2 tsp but you can adjust to your flavor

1 packet Sazon(with Achote(color)) and 2 sprinkles yellow coloring (badia sells for 1 dollar in the spices section) if you use too much will get like an orange color(it dry food coloring)- if you can’t get the yellow coloring in your grocery store you can use a couple of teaspoons of tomato sauce it will help color it but too much could change the flavor so you will have to adjust for that. I leave it out as this is a terrible meal for my daughter that is on dialysis too much sodium and too much potassium and way way too much salt(I actually leave most of this out for her and put a little hot sauce and she thinks it’s the same but please don’t tell her that)

garlic powder, adobo, black pepper, onion powder about 1 tbsp of olive juice(just from a regular jar of olives) also about 8-10 olives and a tsp of oil

Mix well and start heating on low( you can add other ingredients gondules, meats,etc) Add the rice and mix well in seasonings. Make sure all of the rice is evenly coating. Add water and boil when most of the water is boiled down add lid and lower temp until tender.


I buy the shells pre-made. I like using the Goya brand also. They have a piece of plastic in between each shell and that helps them from sticking together while you are preparing them all to be fried.

I fry with vegetable or canola oil.

Cut up about 1/2 a green pepper, 1/2 onion and about 30 green olives.

Shred about 2 cups of cheddar cheese- I like the mild better

I use boneless skinless chicken for the chicken and very lean for the beef.

I chop the ground beef as small as possible and the chicken I cut into very small pieces.

I season them both the same only the chicken I leave out the ground cumin. For whatever reason it changes the flavor and not for the better.

Season the meats with a few tbsp’s of  Sofrito, the beef gets a whole packet of sazon and the chicken gets a half packet.  1/2 tsp each, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, ground cumin(beef only) season salt, garlic salt, olive juice and if you have it a few shakes of Mrs dash regular.

Drain all liquids and oils from meat and chicken.

Set up your preparing table with a couple of plates, and forks and spoons and bowls, mix together the peppers,onions and olives in one bowl, the cheese in another the meat on a flat surface (I like to use those plastic cutting boards) and lay out the shell add 1 tsp shredded cheese 1 tsp onion,pepper mix and 1-1/2 tsp’s meat or chicken. I work with one and then the other. Fold in half make sure all ingredients are in the middle and then press the sides down neatly and tightly with a fork on both sides so they look like the photo.

Heat oil and fry to a golden brown and serve with hot yellow rice and hot sauce is how we do it here!.

Enjoy and be careful frying.

PS my son gets the ones with only the veggies and cheese and a spoonful of rice. He likes it. There are so many ways this can be done. We have also made Breakfast Empanadas in the old days when everyone ate meat and eggs.