An Afternoon at the Horse Races…

My sister got her hands on some VIP tickets to the races. The last time I was at a race was in the late 80’s in New York. We actually lived off the same exit as the Belmont. I remember my Mother used to love to go the races. I also remember going to the OTB with my father and Uncle and I may even have a memory of my grandfather. It is also possible that I made that part up. That is the funny thing about memories. They say once it is in your memory it is yours forever. I know this may be true but some part of reality must kick in and remind us that we can’t possibly ¬†remember every detail of every event of our lives. So maybe I knew my Grandfather was visiting and I went with my Dad and Uncle? I can’t really be clear of the details. Either way it is not something I did many times in my life but I do have specific memories of doing them.

I tried to convince my teenage son to come with us. He has never been and he is like a vampire, hates going out and even more hates going out in the sun. Growing up in Florida you learn early that come March-September you do things early in the morning and late at night. Unless of course you are in the mood for beach or sunny type experience. Well he did not go, that was ok we had plenty fun without him and he decided to help some family members with moving some items to storage so he inevitably left home anyway. So it was my Dad, my sister and my daughter. Our age differences are surely there. My daughter being the youngest at 11 and my Dad well he is old. Me and my sister are half in between and we still all managed to enjoy the exact same event. That is pretty cool in my book. Still doing fun things with my Dad, even though he is very stubborn, he should be out of the sun, staying hydrated and not running around like a kid. Well he stays in the sun, takes pictures standing directly in the middle of everything and well he makes us all nervous. We can’t tell him much he won’t listen anyway. When the time comes that he has medical issues and we have to tell him No Dad you can’t do that, he will complain for many hours even if he does realize that we are right. I only hope I am as cool as he is over my remaining years.

I mentioned earlier that my sister had VIP tickets. This meant that we could pretty much sit wherever we wanted in the pretty good seats and that we each got a free 2 dollar bet.So we look through the program and choose who we will bet on. All of us picking different horses.

First race my horse is ahead by at least a full horse length. This lasted right until the last turn and two other horses took him and bye bye to my free bet. My daughters ticket was also a bust and so on for my Dad and Sister. I bet another 6 bucks and I am not sure how much they bet. I came up losing on every single race. My sister won one 3rd place I think and won like 3 bucks and my Dad wound up winning 10 or 11 dollars. So all and all it was not a day that made us rich but, who would think 2 dollar bets would bring in the big dollars. All and all I did not go to make money. I went to spend time with my Family. I went to show my daughter something she has never experienced and apparently I went to smell lots of Cigar smoke. Who knew so many people were so into Cigars in the mid day time at a horse race. I guess people who frequent these places would know. I was not one of those people. I mentioned to my Dad that I think the horse races would smell better if we went back to a time where people smoked lots of pipe tobacco. This was a very sweet smell if I remember correctly. He laughed said he agreed and that I was really nuts. That is something he says pretty regularly to me. All and All it was a very nice day. For the last two races we went down to the front and stood right ¬†where the horses run. They are such beautiful animals and always hear stories of them being abused for the racing industry. They sure did not seem abused to me, but who am I, a mere spectator with pretty much no knowledge of horses or the Horse racing industry. I do hope that they are treated well. I would like to attend the fancy Horse race some day, The Belmont Stakes or the Kentucky Derby, wear a really flowery dress and a big fancy floppy hat. I could jump up and down and pretend like I had money to bet in those races. Ahhh a girl can dream right………..