TV series Parenthood

I started watching the tv series Parenthood about 10 days ago. My sister and I had a deal, she watches Supernatural-my favorite and I watch Parenthood. See she does not like that kind of show it and it took me and my daughter over a year to convince her she will love it. Now she is mid season 3 and I think we have finally accomplished what we set out to do, find another fan!

I am fastly approaching season 4 of Parenthood so I have had some time to reflect on this show. I will admit I am loving it, I will admit that it has made me cry more times than I would care to admit and I will also admit my daughter who was set to hate the show likes it a lot.

Watching a show that shows parenthood for what it is, love, ups and downs, hard work and total amazing payoffs, is very nice. I like seeing other people have challenges that I have faced and watch how they go about it. I think it is neat that a tv show would bring a disease like Asperger’s to the forefront. Any parent loses their patience with their kids. Any kid can be annoying at least some of the time. That kid has no ability to control those things so discipline is different and regular day to day has to be learned, can’t just do what comes naturally with other kids as this may cause major meltdowns.

Being a parent of a special needs child I thought I have seen it all. Clearly I have not. Watching how these parents must learn to deal with their child, special schools, special rules, special ways to make eye contact and the need to have to cater to the child’s needs opened my eye’s to something I had only heard of but did not really understand.

I love how the whole family interacts with one another, the closeness, the differences , how the siblings and parents work with one another to the cousins loving and fighting with one another. I will have to say It is worth the watch.

I can’t decide who is my favorite character yet. I like them all equally I guess. Crosby and Zeek make me laugh the most though.

So not sure what I will binge watch after this but I have a few seasons to go while I decide.

Gotta love my Netflix addiction!