I am kind of worried now.

My daughter is almost 12, she just had a kidney transplant just about 90 days ago. I was looking forward to these days as the farther away from transplant the less likely the body will reject the organ. Just  yesterday we went in for labs, and everything seemed pretty good.

Around 4:30 her eyes looked glassy to me, so I felt her head. I thought gee, you are a little warm so I took her temp it was not really high but higher than normal. I just watched her she has been incredibly irritable the past two days and I thought that was maybe some of her medication. Then she started complaining of a headache and last night she mentioned her stomach hurting several times. Each time it seemed to pass after a while she would feel ok and then go back to complaining. Since her temp was not high I decided I would call Dr in the morning depending on how the night went. She slept really good.

When she got up she said she did not feel good and that her Urostomy was leaking. We changed and cleaned up. When changing the bag she complained of some tenderness. I called the doc and I was told to watch her. All day she was just not her self and now her temp is totally down, but she is shaking and complaining of stomach pain again. I talked to the doc and she is pretty sure she wanted me to bring her into the ER. She said wait a couple hours and see and if she is still feeling crappy call her back and she will see if she can see her in the clinic or if I should head over to the hospital. She felt in the hospital she can better, quicker labs and if needed she can ultrasound the kidney. I wish I did not have to feel so panicked but after watching your baby on dialysis for 8 years it is kind of hard to imagine her losing the Kidney after only 90 days.

Well here is to hoping for the best and trusting in our doctors that they know what they are doing. Any minute my phone will ring and she will decide where we are going. Since it is 5 in the afternoon my guess is off to the hospital we go.