My Dog is a Bread thief….

The picture is puppy Larry. He was about 3-4 months old there. He was still a baby and a very quick growing baby. The kids had total control of raising him and he is sweet and playful. He just does not know how big he has actually gotten. He is about 2-1/2 years old now. He is an Emotional Support Dog and that basically makes him a service dog as he provides the service of supporting us emotionally. Not much different than any other dog except he must know how to sit on command and know his name and lay down and things most dogs can easily be trained to do. He must also have a good disposition. He must also have some documentation proving that he has been seen by the vet, has shots and documentation from a mental health professional stating that you or your family member needs this dog to have a better quality of life. This is true for my children and myself as our lives have had some majors events that could stress out the strongest of people.

My daugher has many health issues you can read about in my other posts if you like. She is interesting and inspiring. My late husband got Larry for us. He had brain cancer and in the beginning of him having that disease he started doing things and saying things that either were not true, happened a long time ago or perhaps a bunch of different events mixed together. The kids and I learned quickly to not pay to much attention trying to correct the stories or make them closer to the truth.

One day we go to Pet store . My husband and my son and youngest daughter were to run inside and get some crickets for our Bearded Dragon and look and see if they have any cute hermit crabs as we already had the habitat. Me and my oldest daughter stayed in the car. We were chatting when he came out and he came out with other people who had puppies. He showed us the puppy and said he is cute, I named him Larry and we get him in so many weeks. I pat the dog on the head settled the family back in and went home. We get home and he never mentions the puppy that night. Not the next night and then all the sudden he remembered and he is like I have the phone number we need to call Jessica Wednesday  night or whatever was the date. Me and my oldest look at each other and we are like who is Jessica and then my son comes and tells us it’s the girl with the dog. Sure enough he took whatever money he had and paid for that dog. So now we can’t not get the dog, we know he is fighting terminal brain cancer and the kids already want the dog so, you know we got the dog and we had to call him Larry. That was a must he told the girls to please start calling him Larry so when he comes home with us he will already know his name.

Well now that you know how we got Larry I am sure you can understand that training went just as well as getting him, confusing and not consistent. He learned to go outside easily and he learned how to be part of our family very quickly. One day I go grocery shopping. I bought some hot dog buns. Next thing I know there is Larry running around  with the hot dog buns in the back yard. I get them from him but the obsession started. 2 and 1/2 years later, and so many loaves of bread it is not possible to leave bread anywhere he can get to it. He will get it and eat it so fast you can’t get it from him. I can leave any other food out and he won’t even mess with it. I can cook and he will investigate but not misbehave. We can eat a meal sitting on the couch and he will not bother but boy don’t leave the bread out… Last night I left the bread out …. Some people(and people meaning me) never learn….


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